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May 07 2013

24 more days…

Yes, I’m counting the days until the end of the year. Yes, I am all countdown/tested/retesting’d out. The kids are checked out as well. We need to get through the next week and we’re home free. We’ll get to finish our dinosaur unit and start on our physics unit. The kids are looking forward to it, and I’ll just be glad to get back to some creative teaching instead of all this test prep.

On another note, one of my students might have gotten a girl pregnant. As of yesterday, it was just a rumor, but he came in today and stated something along the lines of “I’m going to be a father.” I didn’t pay much attention to him as we were in the throes of test prep, but he mentioned it in passing several times. I am going to ask him what’s going on tomorrow. Did I mention he’s not even 13 yet? Yeah….

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