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Nov 10 2012

Another one gone…and another one gone…

I lost two students today…two of my favorites. C was a GT phenom. He was. by definition, the perfect student: well-behaved, quiet (but particpiated in everything), super smart, polite. I couldn’t have asked for anything else from this boy. He had missed a few days three weeks ago, but when he didn’t show up this past Monday AND Tuesday, I suspected that something was up. Those suspicions were confirmed when I went to take attendance and noticed that he wasn’t on my roster anymore. He and his family moved – and he’s going to his third school this year. I know he’ll do great wherever he goes, but I wish he’d stayed in my class.

I lost another great student this past Friday. Academically, she was the opposite of C. Dyslexic (and proud of it) and one of the lowest readers in my class, she was always cheerful and positive. The other kids called her a goody-goody. and she didn’t mind (I did, though. ┬áName calling is not tolerated in my classroom and I put a stop to that quickly). She had been at my campus since Pre-K, so her leaving triggered a chain reaction of teachers coming into my room on Friday to say goodbye to her. She’s an amazing little girl and I will miss her incredibly.

I know that the school I teach at (well, the district in general) has a very transient population. I have never had kids leave my classroom before, though. I felt like I had lost a family member, as did the rest of the class. The kids are sad about having lost two of their favorite classmates. I guess that this is just something we all have to get used to…unfortunately.

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