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Aug 26 2012

Year 3

Tomorrow, I begin my third year in the classroom and my first year teaching in a testing grade: the ever-challenging 5th grade. I feel as if I am starting all over again. My room is done (the computers are not hooked up yet, but I’m not in a hurry to do that). My plans are done, copies made and I think I’m ready for the students. I’m nervous, excited and queasy…I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

The teachers at my new school tell me that my class is a “rough bunch.” While I have some concern about behavior, I refuse to make their statements a self-fufilling prophecy. I am going to start these kids off with a clean slate. I am not going to treat them like babies, and I am going to hold them to some pretty high expectations – something that I am told they’re not used to.

I am starting this year off with a positive attitude. Our blinged-out school shirts actually help in this regard. I love wearing my school shirt…even when I’m not at school!!

Happy new school year to everyone!

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  1. Sam

    I’m in the same boat (year three, new subject)! Can’t believe it’s year three already! It always gives me goosebumps to think of all the teachers driving to school, before the suns even up, to make a difference. Perhaps it’s even more inspiring to picture this image on the first day! Have a great one :)

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