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May 30 2012


I received “the call” today…HR notified me (without really saying anything at all) that I was being excessed. My placement school will be undergoing construction for the next two years and since the 3rd through 5th graders are going to another campus, our enrollment numbers for next year are going to be really low. That means that there will only be 1 regular and bilingual teacher per grade level. That also means LIFO applies to me. It’s all good, I guess. I wanted to stay here, but God knows what he’s doing. I already have interviews for tomorrow (at least I’ll know where I am going before school lets out). There is one particular school that I would love to get into, even if it means teaching 5th grade. I totally prefer the little ones, but change is good…I hope!

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  1. mches

    I know you’ll land on your feet. Are you looking to stay in district?

    • G

      Yes I am. I have interviews this afternoon and tomorrow morning…I am keeping my fingers crossed for one particular school…:)

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